Thursday :: Apr 7, 2005

John Bolton's UN Nomination Runs Into A Roadblock

by Steve

As repugnant as the idea of John (“Cuba has WMDs”) Bolton is as our UN ambassador, take note that there may be a bump in the road towards his successful nomination. Not only does Republican senator Lincoln Chafee have reservations about Bolton, and not only was Colin Powell the one notable former GOP Secretary of State who didn't endorse his former subordinate for the job, but a former State Department intelligence official will testify against Bolton at the now-delayed confirmation hearing next week, and claim that Bolton did pressure intelligence analysts to conform their findings to reflect the Cheney worldview that Bolton shares. There also is word that Senate staff are trying to obtain the testimony of other intelligence agency staff to corroborate the theme that, contrary to the notion that the Administration didn’t lean on intelligence analysts to change their analyses to conform to White House assertions on WMDs, analysts were in fact pressured by the Administration to do so.

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