Friday :: Apr 8, 2005

Surprise - Schiavo Memo May Have Been Circulated Around By GOP After All

by Steve

Oh, so now GOP Senator Mel Martinez says he is investigating if his staff circulated the Schiavo memo, after the right-wing echo chamber and right-wing blogosphere said with certainty that a) it didn't happen; and b) if it did happen, it was the Democrats who did it.

I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here.

And if you want to see a right-wing op-ed columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle make a fool of herself, using some of the same talking points used by Michelle Malkin and others in the right-wing blogosphere to discredit the memo and blame it on Democrats, only to see Mel Martinez admit that same morning his culpability for the memo, read this stupidity. But at least Debra Saunders added her mea culpa to this online version of the column a day after the print version ran yesterday. I'm still waiting for Fred Barnes, Michael Barone, Tucker Carlson, Powerline, and others to do the same.

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