Friday :: Apr 8, 2005

A Question of Bias

by eriposte

I've gotten some interesting comments in response to my series so far on How The Liberal Media Myth is Created. Sometime next week I plan to mention some of them, when I wrap up the series with my last installment (which you can expect early next week, focusing on the use of fabrications).

Before I wrap up this particular series (and begin my next one), I wanted to pose a question to readers.

Is there any *type* of myth creation (about the "liberal media") that I have missed?
(You can see *types* I have chronicled so far in my last post.)

If you think so, please leave a note in the comments.

Even otherwise, please feel free to leave comments on the media bias topic in general and let me know if there are any significant blog posts or studies I have missed (that debunk the "liberal media" myth).

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