Monday :: Apr 11, 2005

Is The White House Preparing to Ram Through SS Privatization?

by rayman

That's what Roll Call is reporting today (via Raw Story):

"Republicans in Congress and the White House say they have nearly finished the first stage of their push to overhaul the Social Security system and will soon begin crafting a bill that could pass both chambers by the end of July," the paid-restricted Roll Call reports Monday.

“It’s all going to be moving very fast,” one Senate Republican leadership aide told Roll Call.


During the summer, Congress is also supposed to begin crafting legislation to have a bill passed by both chambers before Members leave for their annual August recess, the aide said. However, Republican leaders would be satisfied if Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has at least unveiled a bill by the end of July, the aide added.

Still, the timeline assumes that the “final floor fight” on a Social Security overhaul would occur during the fall and winter, in time to have it signed by the president by the end of the year, the aide added.

If this is truly the White House's strategy (and I have my doubts), it's incredibly foolish tack. Congressional Republicans, most notably Hastert, Grassley, and Frist, are itching to get SS off the table before the 2006 race begins in earnest. Does the White House really believe that browbeating Congress through the summer will work, given that Bush is already a lame duck? I realize it's never wise to misunderestimate Shrub, but this looks like nothing more than the White House's well-known contempt for Congress and the legislative process coming to the fore.

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