Tuesday :: Apr 12, 2005

It's Time To Make The American Taliban A Campaign Headache For The GOP In 2006

by Steve

"I'm a radical! I'm a real extremist. I don't want to impeach judges. I want to impale them"
--Michael Schwartz, Chief of Staff to newly-elected Oklahoma GOP Senator Tom Coburn, last Thursday

This is the modern Republican Party folks. What used to be considered extremist and terror-filled rhetoric is now the stock of trade, but not of extremists and anarchists, but of the right wing of the GOP. These are folks who think it is their job to reclaim America for Christ, no matter what the cost. The same folks who characterized federal agents as jackbooted thugs when Clinton was in office are now comfortable with such images and tactics to claim the country for their religious use.

Why do they hate America so much? And since when did a frequent media commentator and a leader of a supposed family values group get a free pass when he equates the Supreme Court jurists to the KKK?

Any video or quotes that the DCCC and DSCC can get from the speakers at last week’s “constitutional revival” conference in Washington, the one that Tom DeLay avoided in person so that he could stay away from reporters and speak to the conference by video instead, should be turned immediately into TV and radio spots. These spots should be run in all marginal GOP districts across the country, and in key Senate races like Ricky Santorum’s (who should be asked why he used the Schiavo tragedy to raise money for himself).

And then the commercials should ask since when did the American Taliban take over the GOP.

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