Tuesday :: Apr 12, 2005

Even After Bolton Is Shown To Be Abusive Of Intelligence Analysts, Lincoln Chafee Will Still Vote For Him

by Steve

Even after a respected former State Department official provided testimony today that John Bolton did in fact abuse intelligence analysts that didn’t agree with him, Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island says that he’ll probably vote for Bolton’s confirmation anyway, thereby sending Bolton onto the Senate floor for a likely confirmation as UN ambassador. Chafee says that presidents should be given wide latitude in the ambassadors they name, which probably comes as news to the GOP senators who stopped James Hormel from being one of Clinton's ambassadors. (correction below)

Given than Chafee is up for election next year, he’d better hope that Bolton does nothing stupid at the UN between now then to make Chafee’s vote politically suicidal.

Correction: bigdog notes correctly that even though the GOP raised objections to James Hormel's appointment, he did serve as our ambassador to Luxembourg.

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