Tuesday :: Apr 12, 2005

Another Gallup Poll, Another Bush Popularity Bump

by Steve

With other polls showing that Bush’s approval ratings are heading towards the middle 40’s, like clockwork up pops another Gallup poll trending upward for Bush. According to the most recent Gallup poll done April 4-7, Bush’s approval rating went back up to 50% from 48% a week ago, and from 45% towards the end of March. Since other pollsters since late March (AP/Ipsos and NBC News/WSJ) have shown slippage in Bush’s approval ratings since the misplay on Schiavo and rising worries about the economy and gas prices, why would this Gallup Poll buck this trend and show a 5-point improvement in his approval rating since March 23?

You already know the answer.

Gallup Poll
April 4-7
Bush Approval/Disapproval: 50%/45%
Sample Party ID Composition:
GOP: 34.9%
Ind: 32.7%
Dem: 31.6%

CNN/USAT/Gallup Poll
April 1-2
Bush Approval/Disapproval: 48%/48%
Sample Party ID Composition
GOP: 35.1%
Ind: 33.1%
Dem: 31.3%

CNN/USAT/Gallup Poll
March 21-23
Bush Approval/Disapproval: 45%/49%
Sample Party ID Composition
GOP: 32%
Ind: 29%
Dem: 37%

Wow, look at all those Democrats that simply melted away according to Gallup in the last two and a half weeks.

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