Tuesday :: Apr 12, 2005

Where's Senator Lugar's Courage?

by Mary

Conventional wisdom says that if John Bolton doesn't get the nod, the negative vote will come from Senator Chafee. But, I'd like to know, why isn't Senator Lugar stepping up to the plate on this one? Lugar has always represented himself as a sane Republican in regards to foreign relations - and he supposedly understands that America's safety in the world is based on our ability to exercise not just our military might, but also our soft power. He must know that this means we have to have strong and viable partners in the world. So why is he not making a stink about John Bolton? Does he really believe that letting a bomb thrower represent the US is going to serve this country? Why isn't he standing up to Bush's attempt to destroy the UN? Lugar has made it more than clear that he was very unhappy with Bush's war. Here's what he said last year about Bush's lack of diplomacy:

"Unless the United States commits itself to a sustained program of repairing and building alliances, expanding trade, pursuing resolutions to regional conflicts, supporting democracy and development worldwide, and controlling weapons of mass destruction, we are likely to experience acts of catastrophic terrorism that would undermine our economy, damage our society, and kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people," Lugar will say in the commencement speech.

So why hasn't he weighed in about the extremism of Bolton? Hasn't he figured out that we are getting set up once more by the Bush crowd who don't give a sh*t about this country, but only care about destroying our alliances and our ability to really affect the world? Does he really believe that Bolton has gotten over his insane plans to take out Syria, Iran and North Korea? Or that the US must back Taiwan over China (a stance for which Bolton was paid by the Taiwan government)?

Senator Lugar, you have the ability to stop one of the worst nominees of this administration - someone who will destroy what you have worked for through your Senate career, but you sit silent. What's your excuse this time, Senator Lugar?

Lugar's statement about Bolton here.

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