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The 'Gud Naybore' Policy

by pessimist

Americans used to be the envy of the world with our open society, our freedoms, and our economic opportunities. But lately, they are beginning to see us in a new light, and they are wondering what happened to us.

When asked lately, most people in the world claim that, while they like the American people, they don't like our government (sic) or what it's doing, and they aren't too pleased when they are represented as being anti-American:

US Fury on ‘Anti Americanism’ in Turkey

Every day an article appears in US media about Turkey which accuses Turkish government and media of conspiring about America and feeding anti Americanism in Turkey. According to neo-con American media and think-tanks, majority of Turkish people have become anti-American in recent years and this trend is rising day by day. According to the neo-cons Turkish people have become anti American because Turkish government is Islamic and Turkish media, particularly Islamic one, steaming hatred against Americans in Turkey.

Those assumptions need clarification and close examination.

There is no widespread anti-Americanism in Turkey; however, there is a level of hostile feelings against [the] American administration.

Just another abominable Bu$hCo lie on the road to world petroleum domination.

First of all, do Turkish people hate Americans? There has been number of surveys conducted recently in Turkey to find out what the reality is. According to very recent survey which was conducted by Poll Mark Company, Turkish people do not hate Americans but overwhelming majority of the Turkish people do not approve President George W. Bush’s policies. According to the Poll Mark Survey, 81.5% of respondents [are] not happy about Bush’s policies compare to only 5.6% [which approves of] president Bush. On the other hand, 64% of respondents has no problem for choosing an American neighbor in next door. This is a very significant result, considering that Turkish people are very choosy about their neighbors.

Another public poll conducted by Ankara-based Turkish think tank ISRO (International Strategic Research Organization) indicates that 74% of Turkish people still perceive US as a “strategic ally”. Only 16% of the whole contenders defined themselves as ‘anti American’, but a timid 4% of the respondents dislike American people. Consequently, it is clear that Turkish people do not hate American people, but anti Americanism is slightly higher compared to former [survey].

The most significant result of the survey is about George W. Bush’s policies, where 91% of respondents disapprove Bush’s policies, compared to the previous president Bill Clinton who has a 49% full (41%) and partially (8%) approval rate. ISRO Survey also confirms that Bill Clinton had the highest approval with 69% regarding world peace and security.

One must realize that the problem between Turkey and US is not cultural, social, economic and “love and hate relation” between the communities but Turkish public’s disapproval of the US government policies. On the one hand Bush administration is so keen on democracy; on the other hand they are not happy with democratically elected governments’ policies.

Democracy needs more effort to convince your counterpart over your policies. Relationship between democracies is also must be based on common benefit rather than dictating one side's policy.

While foreigners like the American people, we puzzle them with the things that we do. They ask themselves if we are really wake and aware:

The United Vegetative States of America

Americans never fail to astound the world with their penchant for sensationalism. Just when it appears that they’ve scaled new peaks, they manage to notch themselves up yet higher into the dizzying summits of luridness. While the carnival of mayhem is progressing ahead in full tide in Iraq, the Americans love and sympathy for the plight of Terri Schiavo is the very embodiment of duplicity.

With her blood scent up in the air, the feral American media went berserk in the last two weeks of Schiavo's life. Using this so called freest press in the world, the American public was lead on a leash by the right-wing activists with a not so subtle help from the neofundos ruling the roost in their great country. Every facet of Schiavo’s affliction was dissected with microscopic focus by the voracious lens of the American media.

The American public gobbled it all up like starved men on a king's feast. Forever reined by their corporate controlled media, the American nation lapped at the pool of misery of a suffering human being. For two tumultuous weeks, the American public really excelled in the festive ambiance of human misfortune duly projected by their so called world’s freest media.

Hypocrisy in its truest form, it speaks volumes of their OJ Simpson syndrome.

Priorities? We Doan' NEED No Stinkin' Priorities!

Consider the following;

The dizzying media blitz surpassed even the Asian tsunami three months ago that left approximately 300,000 people dead or missing. According to TVEyes - the digital monitoring service - in this period the cable outlets and networks have mentioned "Schiavo" more than 15,000 times. On the other hand, these same outlets mentioned "tsunami" only 9,000 times during the two weeks following the Asian humanitarian crisis. The long-forgotten Iraq war got just about 2,900 TV mentions over the same two weeks that Schiavo obsession ran wild.

It would not have been so out of place had the Americans shown the same tenderness for the misery of other human beings, especially for the ones upon whom they have inflicted it themselves.

It seems that having wallowed in the deceptions, lies, crimes and war mongering of their rulers for centuries, and now immersed neck deep in a smothering swamp of consumerism, the Americans have lost their sense of impartiality, justice and fairness.

It also seems that there are too many Americans with blood lust out there who look at pictures of butchered Iraqi kids and rejoice.
When it comes to Iraq, the Americans' sympathy wells suddenly dry up. While they shed tears for a woman who remained in a halfway house for the past 15 years, the dead and the maimed of other nations are forgotten as soon as their media leads them to yet another thrilling topic. Or are these crocodile tears that they shed when they are ready to devour?

Haven't the lies of their rulers now been fully exposed? Why is it that the common Americans do not see the Iraqi butchery for what it is--a brazen plan for occupation, suppression and theft of vital resources of an already aggrieved and impoverished nation, whatever the human cost. Or is it that they see it and agree with the plan of maintaining white man's license for as long as possible?

Or has the American nation too lapsed into a persistent vegetative state and thus did not notice the gang sneaking into the White House? Should their country now be named as the United Vegetative States of America? Why else would they reelect this gang of criminals and thus be responsible for the carnage by default.

When they were shedding tears on Schiavo like events, not very long back an Iraqi girl [named] Fatima was being repeatedly raped by the beasts that guarded Abu Ghuraib prison. Here is an excerpt from her heart rending letter to Iraqi resistance fighters:

"...I say to you: our wombs have been filled with the children of fornication by those sons of apes and pigs who raped us. Or I could tell you that they have defaced our bodies, spit in our faces, and tore up the little copies of the Qur’an that hung around our necks? ...By God, we have not passed one night since we have been in prison without one of the apes and pigs jumping down upon us to rip our bodies apart with his overweening lust. Kill us along with them! Destroy us along with them! Don’t leave us here to let them get pleasure from raping us...Leave their tanks and aircraft outside. Come at us here in the prison of Abu Ghurayb.

They raped me on one day more than nine times. Can you comprehend? Imagine one of your sisters being raped. Why can’t you all imagine it, as I am your sister. With me are 13 girls, all unmarried. All have been raped before the eyes and ears of everyone. They took our clothes and won’t let us get dressed. As I write this letter one of the girls has committed suicide. She was savagely raped. A soldier hit her on her chest and thigh after raping her. He subjected her to unbelievable torture. She beat her head against the wall of the cell until she died, for she couldn’t take any more.

Brothers, I tell you again, fear God! Kill us with them so that we might be at peace. Help! Help! Help!"

One hundred resistance fighters launched a fierce attack on the prison led by Fatima's elder brother. People died, Fatima reportedly among them.

Go talk of Schiavo's right to live or die.
Why can't they see the horrendous atrocities that the United States military is visiting upon unarmed Iraqis who never posed any danger to their beloved country? Why can't their free media catch on its eagle eyed lens the raining cluster bombs, the showering napalms, and the tortures in the dungeons? If the BBC can broadcast an interview with a grieving Iraqi woman whose pregnant daughter had been machine-gunned by U.S. troops, why is there nothing on the US media? Why the common Americans are not out on the streets protesting the horrendous actions of their administration and the sinister complicity of their media? Would they show the same stoic indifference if a couple of tons of depleted uranium are shot up the New York alleys?
Go talk of Schiavo's right to live or die.
Where was this concern for human misery when the death toll in Iraq shot past the 100,000 mark? Where were the tears of human compassion when Fallujah was razed to the ground and its citizens - men, women and children alike - gunned down by the valiant American troops and left on the streets for the dogs to feed on?
Go talk of Schiavo's right to live or die.
Where is the free American media and their kind hearted patrons when their G.I. Joes are pumping up Iraq with depleted uranium, napalm bombs, cluster munitions and poisonous gases even as these lines are being written? Is death less camera-friendly in Iraq or is it less worthy of the Americans' attention? Are Iraqis children of a lesser god?
Go talk of Schiavo's right to live or die.
Who was it that said, "The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity"?

The American writer Lee Harris was spot on the dot in his article "Good American Hypocrisy" when he wrote, "America’s current critics need to recognize that in pursuing its self-interest the United States is hardly unique - what singles us out from among nations is our obdurate hypocrisy. We have to pretend to ourselves that we are doing the right thing - often at the cost of actually doing it."

Go talk of Schiavo's right to live or die.
Long live the United Vegetative States of America.

The rest of the world may very well like us, and the propaganda that they want to be like us may - at least materialistically - be true. But we are losing their respect. Once respect is lost, their fondness for us will follow. People tend to despise what they don't respect. They will no longer give us the benefit of the doubt as tales like Fatima's are spread around the globe as an example of what the American people will tolerate, whether it's true or not. Our actions as a nation make such tales believable.

Recall the results of the Turkish poll above. They still like and respect Bill Clinton while they revile King George. Unlike the American Vegetative People, they know who is to blame. And the longer we allow Bu$hCo to run about crying havoc and letting slip the dogs of oil war with nary a whimper of protest, the more We the People will be blamed by our worldly neighbors.

Remember - they are choosy about who their neighbors are. If we displease them enough, they will act ... and we will wonder where the love went.

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