Wednesday :: Apr 13, 2005

Making The World Safe For Paris Hilton

by Steve

Frank Luntz is about to achieve one of his greatest victories when he sees the House sometime this week pass a permanent repeal of the estate tax. Even though the estate tax only affected 30,627 of the wealthiest Americans last year, and even though a permanent repeal would cost the Treasury over $1 trillion over the first ten years post-repeal at a time of growing deficits and unmet homeland security and other needs, the GOP is aiming to make Paris Hilton, the Campbell Soup family, and others safe from having to make any sacrifice at all. And it’s happening at a time when fewer and fewer estates are even being subject to taxation at all.

How did they do it? Luntz and the others in the GOP message machine of course changed the estate tax to the “death tax” ten years ago, and suddenly every American living from paycheck to paycheck thought it was unfair to deprive Hilton and the other rich kids from every last dime of wealth. It also helps that a president continues to lie about the true impact of the estate tax, but Democrats have never caught up with this language scam until the GOP had hammered this phrase into the consciousness of the public for years. The best summary of how the GOP has succeeded is the book “Death By A Thousand Cuts” which is available on the left of this website.

The Friends of Paris Hilton can take comfort that she will be protected from having to make any sacrifice at all for the protection of this country or the maintenance of the safety net. And to the rest of the red state rubes out there who think it is unfair to have an estate tax that you will never be affected by anyway, you are an easy mark.

And while conservatives are making the world safe for Paris Hilton, they refuse to adequately fund veterans’ programs. Go figure.

I guess taking $1 trillion off the table at a time of unmet needs here at home and undercutting funding for veterans means you hate America. But at least Paris Hilton will be happy.

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