Thursday :: Apr 14, 2005

31 House Democrats Vote For The Very Wealthy Yesterday, And For The Banks Today

by Steve

I know that some of you are uncomfortable with the idea that I harp on Democrats just as much as I do Bush and the GOP over a lack of commitment to the middle class issues. But I fail to see how 31 House Democrats voted yesterday to abolish an estate tax on the wealthiest families in the country that will add $1 trillion in debt next decade at a time when we are fending off GOP claims that there isnít enough money for Social Security, and then come back today and vote against consumers and in favor of MBNA and the ABA for the bankruptcy bill.

I donít care if you call yourself a member of the "New Democrat Coalition" or whatever other CYA label you want to give yourself. If you vote for the extremely wealthy yesterday and for the banks today, where I come from they call you a Republican.

Here are the 31 who did the dirty deed the last two days:

Melissa Bean, Illinois
Robert Marion Berry, Arkansas (Member of the New Democrat Coalition)
Sanford Bishop, Georgia (Member of the Blue Dog Coalition)
Dan Boren, Oklahoma
Leonard Boswell, Iowa (Member, Blue Dog Coalition)
Rick Boucher, Virginia
Dennis Cardoza, CA
Ben Chandler, Kentucky
Jim Costa, CA
Bud Cramer, Alabama
Henry Cuellar, Texas
Lincoln Davis, Tennessee
Chet Edwards, Texas
Bart Gordon, Tennessee
Ruben Hinojosa, Texas
Darlene Hooley, Oregon
Steve Israel, New York
William Jefferson, Louisiana (Co-Chair of the DCCC)
Rick Larsen, Washington
Jim Matheson, Utah
Carolyn McCarthy, New York (member of the NDC)
Mike McIntyre, North Carolina (member of the NDC)
Charlie Melancon, Louisiana
Collin Peterson, Minnesota (Member, Blue Dog Coalition)
Nick Joe Rahall, West Virginia (DLC Member)
Mike Ross, Arkansas (Member, New Democratic and Blue Dog Coalitions)
Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland
John Salazar, Colorado (Kenís brother)
David Scott, Georgia (Member, Blue Dog Coalition)
Ike Skelton, Missouri
Albert Russell Wynn, Maryland

Again, I hope that Rahm Emmanuel spends his DCCC money next year on those more deserving than this crew. Iím sure the ABA and MBNA will gladly finance the campaigns of these 31 next year, and the NRCC wonít run serious opponents against them next year, as a ďthank youĒ for their votes with Bush the last two days.


And don't think for a moment that Rove doesn't know now who his bitches are in the House. He also knows after the last two days that these Democrats in the House will sell out Social Security.

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