Friday :: Apr 15, 2005

Bill Frist About To Destroy The Senate To Pander To The American Taliban

by Steve

Senate Majority Leader Frist, in an ever-expanding and sickening quest for conservative bona fides, will speak at a Family Research Council national telecast next week, wherein he will indicate support for unleashing the nuclear option and killing filibusters against federal judicial nominations. Why? Because according to Frist and the American Taliban, such opposition to Republican judicial nominations is really a result of anti-Christian bias.

No, Iím serious, thatís the line of attack Frist has now swallowed in his attempt to pander to the American Taliban. Worse yet, it will be a test of Fristís leadership that if he is unsuccessful in making this fight it will eviscerate his power and lead to more conservative peers in the Senate also with White House ambitions to turn him into road kill. Even worse yet for Frist, John McCain has warned Frist against doing it, and reminds the media that it was the GOP itself that successfully blocked Clinton judges.

This would pretty much finish Frist off as a Republican who could draw support from moderates or independents, and would correctly peg him as being a captive of the American Taliban. But it also forever establishes the fact that Fristís judgment is faulty and not to be trusted, and would require Senate Democrats to treat Frist as a Majority Leader who puts his personal political and religious needs above the needs of the country and what is required of his position.

In other words, it would finish Frist off as Majority Leader.

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