Friday :: Apr 15, 2005

Tax Fairness Is A Potent Issue Next Year - Oops, After The Estate Tax Vote, Never Mind

by Steve

(Thanks to for the graph)

As you read this graph, summarizing a recent Gallup Poll set of questions on tax fairness, the GOP and their sycophants in the media and blogosphere tell us over and over again that class warfare doesn’t work (unless they are the ones waging it.) They are wrong. There is a difference between attacking wealthy people for being wealthy, and attacking wealthy people and corporations for not paying their fair share of taxes. (Update: As Chris queried in the comments section, please note that this is the same poll sample we commented on earlier in the week that contained more Republicans than Democrats. And they think the wealthy and corporations don't pay their fair share!)

We all would like to have more money, and I for one do not begrudge those with money, although I do have problems with how some of them got, earned, or spend their money. But it’s their money, and they are accountable to society for their behavior like anyone else.

It is a far different kettle of fish however on the issue of whether or not the wealthy or corporations pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us. The Gallup Poll findings indicate that tax fairness is a potent issue for next year.

Here's a great example: It was reported this morning with great fanfare that GE’s profits rose 25% from a year ago, and yet they were the Number One beneficiary of corporate tax breaks during Bush’s first three years in office, to the tune of $9.5 billion, and paid no corporate federal income taxes at all during one of those years. Likewise, Citigroup reported nice profits this morning as well, and yet they pocketed $4.6 billion in tax breaks from the Bush Administration since 2001.

Of course, Democrats cannot now make that argument because 43 of them just voted to repeal the estate tax and blow a $1 trillion hole in the Treasury during the next decade while these moronic New Democratic Coalition or Blue Dog Democrat members prattle on about fiscal responsibility, the need to balance the budget, and credibility.

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