Sunday :: Apr 17, 2005

CA Dems- Day One-The Beast Rumbles

by Duckman GR

Well, Duckman here with the first report from the CA Dem Convention. Sure, it's Sunday, but it's a Convention full of Democrats, things don't always go on schedule. And in LA where traffic is like parking. Lots of talking, signing, milling. Because of Labor Actions with the hotels and the Democrats love of self inflict pain on their own extremities, the delegates are scattered all over town.

So I got registered, got my pass and neck thingy courtesy of Bill “I voted for Arnold coz it was fun and I hated Gray Davis” Lockyear, and a bagful of stuff in a lovely Phil “I’m Kicking arnolds Ass” Angelides bag, and I wandered around, saw some pols, got oriented, then went to some caucus meetings. The Computer and Internet Caucus was empty, so I wandered into the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party.

The room was packed. Packed, I tell you. Standing literally 5 deep at the back of the room, 300 pissed off Democrats in a 180 person room organizing a new Caucus for the state party to represent progressive views. So that, as one of the organizers said, we don’t have 73 Democrats voting with the gop again. Setting up a caucus to push for the things that the Party has ignored or pays lip service to.

Many of you, dear readers, are angry and frustrated. Multiply that by 300 fold. That's why this group got organized, or have started to. Democratic Democrats. A Progressive Caucus whose purpose is to promote legislation and legislators consistent with the historic progressive purposes of the Democratic Party.

Like equal rights and equal treatment under the effing law, and no one denied because of what they are.

Like the separation of State and Church.

Like the environment is a trust and we're responsible for preserving it for the future.

Like Choice.

Like that every child should have an opportunity for a free, quality, public education in a safe environment.

Like, above all, the Constitution of the United States of America and in the Right of the People to Self Government (as opposed to Corporate Government you see).

Then a parade of Pols wandered in, made a speech, threw us some red meat. Hilda Solis pointed out that the goppers have been plotting for 20+ years for this takeover, and she wanted to know why Dems wait until the last 6 months of a campaign to get organized. She wondered why we let people we despise, cheney and schwarzenhat and delay, out organize us.

John Garamendi spoke, hit Universal Healthcare, Children’s Care then he said, "listen, Global Warming is real, people," and it's going to impact the next generation with a vengeance. bush foreign policy? “My god, this is not the way to deal with the people of the world” We’ve got to talk to them, and offer them our arms and understanding, not with our steel arms.

Then things degenerated into "organizing" business, which got done, btw. So we shall see how it goes. When they get our website up, I'll let ya know. Then Mr. Angelides showed up, and I gotta tell ya, he's just not arnold. He's smart, and speaks sensibly, and knows what he's talking about, and he is not afraid. And he's got Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi in his camp. And that should give the rest of the field some serious pause.

The rest of the night was spent schmoozing, nothing exiting. But everyone said they had heard about the meeting, and some wondered why there had to be such a caucus in the Democratic Party, but I think Steve's posts previously covers that.

Grassroots, progressive groups, that's where things are going to change. Like Yuval's post on MoveOn. You screw the people, the people put rocks in your shoes. Sometimes it just takes a while. And I'll have more on that later, just as soon as I get a connection. Now it's back to the Convention.

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