Sunday :: Apr 17, 2005

DeLay Heads Over The Cliff, Incites Gun Owner Support

by Steve

"When a man is in trouble or in a good fight, he wants all of his friends around him, particularly armed...So I'm in good company tonight."
--Tom DeLay, last night, to the National Rifle Association

To paraphrase James Carville, when a political opponent is drowning, donít throw him a rope; throw the son of a bitch an anvil.

Tom DeLay went before the NRA last night, and after already inferring just a week ago that violence against federal judges was acceptable, said that he liked having armed friends to defend him. Even if he was joking (thatís always the GOP's defense: theyíre either joking or misunderstood), we are left with a matter of judgment, and DeLayís appears terminally dangerous. Coming in the same week that Trent Lott planned his full comeback by downplaying his segregationist-supporting comments two years ago as a ďlittle bump in the roadĒ, what you see are GOP leaders aligned with dangerous gun nuts and racists, at a time when voters may already think the GOP has been in power too long.

As Carville would say, donít let us get in the way of your own political self-destruction. DeLay has never shown the ability or desire to take a step back and manage a nuanced or pragmatic retreat, and instead always wants to run full speed ahead to demonstrate toughness and to employ intimidation. Yet voters are now seeing support for the GOP and their ethically bankrupt congressional leadership tied to gun nuts, who have been told that their armed support is welcome, and segregationists at a time when the public is already spooked that the American Taliban's attacks on Democrats and the judiciary are going out of control.

Last night's display of political hari-kari for DeLay has larger implications, as his party will now have to decide if DeLay's self-inflated opinion of himself as a fighter and tough guy, coupled with his growing absence of political judgment have finally become an unsustainable albatross around the party's neck. But the bigger picture is that DeLay's "me first" appearance in front of the NRA last night, egged on by Bush's support for DeLay earlier in the week as an effective leader, has now made any strategic dumping of DeLay by the Congressional leadership a slap in the face to the NRA, who won't take kindly to DeLay's humiliation should he get dumped right after appearing at their gathering pledging his fealty. This is really Rove's blind spot.

Throw the bastards the anvil, guys. At least the gun nuts and racists will be there to catch it.

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