Sunday :: Apr 17, 2005

The Candle In The Conservative Wind

by pessimist

Today was an interesting day thanks to the latest episode of The Continuing Saga of the Ongoing Bu$hCo Search for the Ultimate Proof That They Are Convincingly Winning in Iraq.

It began with a breaking story about Sunnis taking Shia hostages in Madain, telling the others there that they must leave or die. The response from the Iraqi version of Homeland Security was swift - if not exactly what the script called for:

Iraqi commandos supported by U.S. military forces have launched an operation to locate and release scores of Shiite Muslim hostages reportedly held and threatened with death by Sunni extremists in a central Iraqi town, according to a senior Iraqi government official. Qasim Dawood, interim minister of state for national security, said the operation, which began Saturday afternoon, had not yet found any of the hostages said to be held in Madain, a town about 30 miles southeast of Baghdad.

Then, it comes out that maybe things weren't quite as described previously:

An AP photographer and television cameraman who were in or near the town Sunday said large numbers of Iraqi forces had sealed it off, supported by U.S. forces farther away on the edge of Madain. The cameraman said he toured the town Sunday morning. People were going about their business normally, shops were open and tea houses were full, he said. Residents contacted by telephone also said everything was normal in Madain.

American military officials said they were unaware of any U.S. role in what had been described as a tense sectarian standoff in which the Sunni militants were threatening to kill their Shiite captives if all other Shiites did not leave the town.

Then the truth comes out: it was all a publicity stunt!

Iraq militias 'could beat rebels'

Iraq's new president has said the insurgency could be ended immediately if the authorities made use of Kurdish, Shia Muslim and other militias. Jalal Talabani said this would be more effective than waiting for Iraqi forces to take over from the US-led coalition.

Kinda puts the lie to Bu$hCo claims that Iraqi forces are up to the job, doesn't it?

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