Monday :: Apr 18, 2005

Monday Morning GOP Outrages

by Steve

Here’s some GOP outrages for you this morning, all of which seem like business as usual for this cabal due to the outrage fatigue we have endured the last four years.

First, several days after Condi Rice defended John (“Cuba has WMDs”) Bolton from charges that he was unfit for an ambassadorship at the UN, the Post reports this morning that Bolton withheld information from both Rice and Colin Powell about Iran in an effort to maintain support for a hard line against that country and the UN. It has also come out that even in the short time that Bolton has been reporting to Rice, he has withheld information from her about European opposition to Bolton’s own efforts against the IAEA. Given that Rice and Powell were both Bolton’s boss at these times, this means Bolton was running someone else’s agenda both times. Hmmm. I wonder whom?

Second, after the rightwing blogosphere lied and duped the Washington Post into a story that the Schiavo talking points memo was a Democratic dirty trick, when in fact the memo came from the office of GOP Senator Mel Martinez, his own supporters are wondering why he hasn’t made more staff changes in light of the fact that it now appears that several of his staff authored and distributed the memo as part of a campaign. Martinez still insists unbelievably through the “Sergeant Schultz” defense that he knew nothing about the memo, which means that Senator Mel is either a liar or incompetent or both. But the fact to remember is that the reason why Martinez won’t fire any of his staff for bringing discredit to him and those he represents in Florida is that Martinez wasn’t put into his office to serve Florida. He and his political hack staff were put there to serve Karl Rove and the GOP. Florida is an afterthought.

The Bush Administration’s much-ballyhooed outreach effort to the Muslim world, with Karen Hughes at the top spot (but not showing up until the fall), has no Muslims but plenty of Arab Christians. Yup, that should work.

Ralph Reed, the former Mr. Pious head of the Christian Coalition has demonstrated that he has come a long way down as just another conservative hack, ready to sell out red state voters for his own interests and that of the corrupt cabal heading the GOP. Maybe he was always in the gutter to begin with.

And the Washington Post runs a Page One today that shows how much the Heritage Foundation cares about democracy and freedom overseas: they easily discard their concerns once the think tank’s leaders get paid off. So remember that the Heritage Foundation has no credibility on anything.

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