Tuesday :: Apr 19, 2005

Selling out America

by Mary

Somehow I keep waiting for Republicans to care about our country and our government enough to believe that they would put their personal convictions above the Bush agenda.

Steve Clemons brings us the words of the Nelson Report on what is at stake on the John Bolton vote.

Chris Nelson writes in the 18 April Nelson Report:

BOLTON BATTLE...the real fight

If the fight over John Bolton's UN nomination were just about John Bolton, he'd be history already. But this isn't about Bolton, it's about the exercise of power. Same thing with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

If this was even 5 years ago, he'd be toast.

We are at the point now where the Republican Leadership refuses to allow the possibility of a loss on anything, regardless of the merits. This renders "debate" meaningless, since nothing said actually matters, so truth is irrelevant.

"Science" depends on faith; everything is a test of power. Oppose something the President wants, and you aren't just wrong, you are betraying the Party. The underlying message is that you are also offending a very particular definition of God.

The sad, sorry Bolton/DeLay spectacles are about total war, the kill-the-prisoners exercise of power that national US politics has become since the 2000 election. If it were merely about power, it wouldn't be so terrifying. Washington is used to that. . .it's what we exist for. But the fear, the self-loathing, the pathetic, cowardly, sniveling, excuse-making drivel from such "leaders" as Lugar, Hagel, Chafee, the entire House Republican Leadership under DeLay. . .and the ever-so-very carefully expressed angst of the Democrats. . .is about something far more dangerous to the Republic than mere political power.

What we are seeing is a fight for the political soul of the nation. We've had these before, in the existential sense. . .in my political lifetime, the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam war movement, the women’s rights versus, to a certain extent, the right to life movement. But this time it's totally and completely a fight about God. . .specifically, whether God is going to rule in the United States.

The Constitution says that would be illegal, and any serious expert can tell you that not only were the Founders liberal in their interpretation of the Deity, but they intentionally enshrined a purely secular civic government, including the courts. They didn't think that Jesus had an official plan for us, much less did they think that politicians who defined their duties in secular terms were defying the word of God.

Tom Delay manifestly believes this, and it sounds like any number of Senate Republicans either agree, or lack the imagination or moral courage to disagree. . .why else would some endorse threats against Republican-appointed judges who dare to interpret the law in secular terms? This is what the Bolton fight is really about: you can't dump him, because that lets the Democrats win on both the facts and principle. . .fatal notions to a desire to pack the courts with religious and secular policy extremists.

Why else would there be the constant drumbeat of attacks on the "liberal media", except to undermine public trust in the Constitutionally provided mediator between the politicians and the people?

The Founders knew how to protect what they intended; this crowd has figured out how to undermine the very rule of law in the United States. Listen to what DeLay is arguing...that his excesses have nothing to do with his "persecution", interesting choice of word, by the Democrats and their "liberal press allies". If a majority of Congressional Republicans don't, in their hearts, see the hypocrisy of all this, the Republic is doomed.

The real story behind Bolton and DeLay is obvious, to anyone not already seduced by the dark side.

Connect the dots. There's still time.

But it seems that cowardice is the name of the game these days. According to War and Piece, the Republicans who have so often expounded about how national security is absolutely linked to cooperative and respective relationships with other nations are about to vote for someone who goes out of his way to demean and disrespect others all the while being a lying bully who believes he and he alone should decide when we go to war against others. So much for expecting Republicans to put their country above their personal ambitions.

What is it about this administration that seems to create cowards and quislings who mouth words saying they love this country and its constitution while pissing on everything that really matters?

Perhaps it is as Kevin noted when Doug Wead abjectly apologized for ever troubling Bush.

Basically, it was an apology. But it wasn't just an apology. You'll have to trust me on this (or else go find a copy of Monday's paper in a library somewhere), but like several apostates before him, what Wead offered up was nothing less than a full bore brand of forgive-me-for-I-have-sinned style groveling that was almost physically painful to read. And while I was reading it, what I wondered was this: how do they do it? How does the Bush family manage to scare so many people into public retractions of such Stalinesque thoroughness?

So what did they do to Lugar, Hagel and Chafee? And what did they get in exchange for their souls?

Update: In defense of John Bolton from that defender of torture, John Yoo:

The U.S. and its envoy must understand that demolition is the order of the day — and sometimes demolition is best accomplished from within.

Destroying the UN from within? Sort of like Pol Pot did for Cambodia?

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