Tuesday :: Apr 19, 2005

Is Bolton Toast?

by Steve

In a surprising turnaround just now, and after committee chairman Dick Lugar thought he had the votes to push John Bolton’s nomination through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, Lugar ran into opposition not only from all 8 of the committee’s Democrats, but was also rebuffed on a quick vote by his own GOP senators George Voinovich of Ohio and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. Both expressed concerns that new allegations about Bolton needed to be explored further before any vote was taken on him, and as a result, Lugar was forced to postpone once again a vote on Bolton.

I don’t see how any more time to look into these allegations will help Bolton or Bush unless the GOP resorts to its usual "smear the witness" campaign against Bolton's accusers, which will only poison things worse for the Senate GOP leadership and require Lugar to sit by and condone such an outrage. And if Hagel and Voinovich are concerned enough to slow down Lugar here, then can Lincoln Chafee be far behind?

I think Bolton is toast.

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