Saturday :: Apr 23, 2005

As Frist Eases Off Until May, White House Pushes Nuclear Option

by Steve

After telling Harry Reid just last week that he would keep the White House out of the battle between Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans over the GOPís attempt to overcome filibusters, George W. Bush lied and had Dick Cheney let it be known that Cheney would happily if necessary cast the tie-breaking vote to change Senate rules.

As expected as this deception should have been to the Democrats, quite frankly I can understand Cheney saying it. I mean, if the vote came down to the need for Cheney to break a tie, what did the Democrats expect: Cheney to defer because Bush told Reid they would stay out of it? Not likely.

For his part, it appears that Frist is now backing away from pushing the button next week and may wait now until May to force the confrontation in perhaps the hope that voters and the media will forget about this by then.

It must be bad for the GOP when they are trying to blame the Democrats for the phrase "nuclear option" and play their usual semantic framing games whenever they are on the wrong side of an argument. The fact that it was the GOP that came up with the phrase first has as usual escaped another member of the gullible and lazy press.

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