Tuesday :: Apr 26, 2005

Frist Rejects Any Deals Over Filibusters - Sides With The American Taliban

by Steve

As I speculated last night, and after Karl Rove rejected any deal with Senate Democrats to avoid the GOP-named nuclear option, Bill Frist today backed away from talks he had been having behind the scenes with Harry Reid about avoiding the elimination of judicial filibusters.

And with the public overwhelmingly against the GOP plans to pander the Christo-fascists and prohibit judicial filibusters, Harry Reid has set it up pretty well: he offered through Joe Biden a reasonable, and possibly too accommodating deal to avoid the upcoming train wreck for Frist. Rove did as expected and said that all nominees deserve votes, even though his party denied over 40 Clinton nominees votes. Frist then backed away and said there will be no deals so that the American Taliban doesn't get angry with Frist.

And now Reid can say "don't say I didn't warn you." I hope Mullah Frist is satisfied at watching his tenure as Majority Leader result in losses for his caucus next year. Right off the bat, Ricky Santorum is toast, and I can think of a few others.

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