Wednesday :: Apr 27, 2005

Since When Did Laura Bush's Political Plans Become Important?

by Steve

It's amazing that the AP would actually make a story out of Laura Bush's statement last night on Leno that she isn't a candidate in 2008, as if voters ever thought she was a credible candidate in the first place. But compare the slavish ass-kissing coverage given to this non-news story by the AP and other media outlets with the tone of their coverage the last decade or so about Hillary running for office.

Can someone point to one qualification Laura Bush has for higher office, other than a traffic accident she caused as a 17-year old Laura Welch that killed a track star who had been her purported boyfriend, for which she got away without a citation or an alcohol test? Such behavior, long since decried by Republicans against the Clintons and Kennedys, is standard operating procedure for the Bush family and other Republicans, and the elites in general in this country. And in that sense, Laura would fit right in.

But Laura Bush is credited with being steely as a result of that high school tragedy, and is credited with being a good mother, even though the behavior of her two girls is evidence to the contrary. But the media treats Democratic spouses much differently than Republican spouses. That's just the way it is, so when a GOP whore like Leno throws meaningless and fawning softballs at Laura, it makes news.

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