Wednesday :: Apr 27, 2005

Be a Journalist, for a Day

by eriposte

Readers, if I may ask for a moment of your time, I'd like to solicit your feedback on something that is fundamental to media reform and to the media bias debate in the U.S.

Imagine you are a journalist in the MSM.
Let's say you are convinced that the media is biased conservatively (and not liberal) and needs to be reformed. How would you, as a journalist, go about convincing your readers (not the wingnut right, but those who currently believe that the media is not biased either way - or simply don't know how it is biased)?

To make your job slightly more complicated, let's say your readers also read conservative blogs and books by conservatives claiming "liberal bias". The implication being that for every example you mention to the readers of a "conservative bias", the reader responds to you with an example of "liberal bias".

UPDATE: Let's make your job even more complicated. You have a reader who sends you a (selective) quote from Eric Alterman's "What Liberal Media", that says:

Abortion is not the only issue where a fair-minded observer might point to a pervasive liberal bias. Michael Massing, a liberal contributor to the Nation and former executive editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, testified in the latter to finding credible evidence of liberal bias on issues related to the death penalty and gun control.

P.S. This is not a game. I'm just asking you to become a journalist for a day. I'll tell you my view tomorrow (I could have posted it here today but I wanted to first give readers an opportunity to say what they have in mind).

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