Wednesday :: Apr 27, 2005

Frist And His Racist "Justice Sunday" Buddies

by Steve

Note the wonderful racists, anti-Catholic types, and other American Taliban losers that Bill Frist shared the stage with last Sunday. And one of these guys even managed to try and diminish the Holocaust.

These are the folks who are preaching moral superiority against Democrats and other Republican opponents, because they are allegedly against people of faith. And they want to support a jurist like Janice Rogers Brown who says these poor racists and anti-Catholic American Taliban mullahs are in a war against secular humanists who want to divorce the country from its religious roots. Judge Brown, who exactly are these secular humanists who want to divorce the country from the religious roots you cherish? It's because of unsourced comments like those injected in the middle of a fascist campaign that Judge Brown is not qualified for a promotion.

Nevermind the fact that it was the GOP that never let over 50 Clinton nominees even come up for a vote, including minority jurists. Nevermind that the Family Research Council had no problem with the filibuster in 1997 to stop Clinton from putting moderates and minorites on the federal bench.

But now it is suddenly reprehensible to the GOP that Democrats would try and stop crackpots like Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, and others from getting a second chance to spread their stain into higher and higher levels of the federal judiciary. And racists and other fringe bad actors of the American Taliban say that their opponents are against people of faith? Or is it simply that the fascists don't want their opponents to have available to them the same tools they themselves used against Democrats last decade?

What church do these people worship at?

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