Wednesday :: Apr 27, 2005

House Judiciary Committee GOP Leadership Writing Fraudulent Bill Summaries To Discredit Democrats

by Steve

It's come to this: in an effort to make Democrats look bad, House Judiciary Committee chair James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin has directed his GOP staff to rewrite the stated purpose of Democratic amendments without telling the Democratic author of the amendment. Apparently Sensenbrenner is upset that Democrats would even try to amend GOP bills, and has allowed staff to rewrite the purpose of the amendments to damage the Democratic authors.

This is the same James Sensenbrenner who, according to accepted nearly $168,000 in free travel from interest groups the last several years, the most by any member of the House.

You can tell Sensenbrenner what you think about this by emailing his office.

And I wonder how Sheila Jackson-Lee feels now about voting with Tom DeLay last week to protect chemical companies from MTBE lawsuits and against the interests of her own constituents, only to see a week later Sensenbrenner admit proudly that he and his staff are committing fraud at her expense?

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