Friday :: Apr 29, 2005

Oh the goodness of the news media

by Duckman GR

Sometimes a second job is a good thing. For instance, last night, because I was getting ready for job 2, I missed the official press bamboozalooooser. Ms. Duckman did not, clearly, how else to explain the assorted cursing and anguished cries I heard downstairs?

So the tumbling tumbleweed wants the rest of the world to use energy more efficiently, but I guess he just kinda forgot about us. Press forgot too, it seems.

Speaking of the press, I stumbled on these two articles last night, and I wanted to share. First up, what has got to be the worst example of serial cunninglingua I have ever read. I shudder just contemplating it. I shudder for the horror readers will feel as they plumb the depths of this Love Canal of journalism. I offer a sample with apologies:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - She has presided over one of the more ambitious bursts of foreign policymaking in US history, made stiletto heels a diplomatic statement and sparked talk of a possible run for the presidency.

Condoleezza Rice has been secretary of state for barely three months yet has become arguably the most popular member of the new administration of President George W. Bush -- which on Saturday marks 100 days in power -- as well as a household name across much of the world.

But for all the rock star treatment she has received on the diplomatic trail since being sworn in on January 26, some analysts say Rice's strategic views and impact on policy are still unclear.

Popular? If leprosy is popular, I suppose, then yes, she's popular. Popular, sure, in comparison to RumDrunk and Tumbleweed, I mean, sure, I'm the smartest guy in the room, granted, the only one also, but hey, I'm smartest! That's the media, ever willing to lap at the bush.

But then, I read this story, and thought, well, that's better, there's the gop we all know and love, the real gop.

A man convicted of stealing more than $600,000 in a business loan scam received an award from the National Republican Congressional Committee honoring his business leadership and party support.

Notice how the conjob blowjob piece is unsigned? Fact free? Source free? Why, it's a South Beach Diet Journalism. Or was that South Park? Good god man/woman/it/1000 monkeys, have you no self respect?

Media bashing may be catching on, but that AFP article needs more then just bashing. It needs an exorcism. And so does the gop.

Thanks for your indulgence, I just wanted to share that tripe with you brilliant readers. Like when you open the science experiment in the back of the refrigerator, and want your friend to smell it and share the experience.

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