Thursday :: Apr 28, 2005

Bush Blames Others For No Energy Policy - But GOP Tried To Eliminate DOE In 1990's

by Steve

Remember this gem from tonight, when Bush seemingly tried to blame Clinton for this country not having an energy policy ten years ago? It's another case of GOP selective memory.

Bush: This is a problem that's been a long time in coming. We haven't had an energy policy in this country. And it's going to take us awhile to become less dependent on foreign sources of energy.
Question: Do I read you correctly that the energy bill would not have had an affect on today's high gasoline and oil prices?
Bush: It would have 10 years ago. That's exactly what I've been saying to the American people. Ten years ago, if we'd have had an energy strategy, we would be able to diversify away from foreign dependence.
But we haven't done that. And now we find ourselves in the fix we're in. It's taken us a while to get there, it's going to take us a while to get out.

And why oh why Mr. Bush did we not have an energy strategy ten years ago, and what was the GOP doing about it in the 1990's?

Well, your own party spent the better part of the 1990's trying to eliminate the Department of Energy. Remember that Contract with America thingie that your buddy Newt came up with? It called for doing away with DOE.

Spencer (Mr. Nuclear Power Industry) Abraham, as a former Senator, voted against Clinton Administration proposals to raise CAFE standards, fund renewable energy technology, and raise fuel economy standards for SUVs. He also voted more than once during the 1990's to eliminate the DOE.

Did I mention that Abraham was your first Secretary of Energy?

And CATO and others wanted the DOE gone as well.

Mr. President, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You've been sitting on your ass for four years, waiting for the ANWR wet dream and watching the Enron rape of California while doing nothing yourself to forward an energy policy.

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