Monday :: May 2, 2005

Some Nexis help?

by eriposte

I don't have access to Lexis Nexis and I was wondering if any reader(s) have access and can do a little bit of research for me.

I'm looking for the number of mainstream media (esp. TV) appearances by people like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Ann Coulter (and other prominent Far Right extremists you can think of) in the past year (April 04-April 05, say). I would particularly be interested in the number of appearances by those who were invited to comment on a topic despite being wrong about it in the past.

I would like to get a comparable set of appearances (in the same time frame) by reasonable folks like Scott Ritter, Hans Blix, and prominent names you can think of who represented more centrist or lefty views who turned out to be right about what they were saying (not just about the Iraq war).

You will need to exclude appearances where the invitee was invited to discuss a book (or movie) of theirs.

If someone can extract these stats do let me know. Thanks...

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