Monday :: May 2, 2005

Are Hastert And DeLay Parting Ways Over Social Security?

by Steve

Get the popcorn; this should get interesting. According to the AP tonight, there is a split brewing in the House GOP over Social Security.

Denny Hastert, (who must have read today's CNN/USAT/Gallup poll which showed that Bush didn't help himself at all with his performance last Thursday night in selling his Social Security privatization plan,) continues to think that the Senate GOP leadership should go first with its own plan before he asks his House GOP caucus to step out on the plank for privatization in time for the 2006 midterms.

Tom DeLay and Bill Thomas, both of whom feel they are from safe districts and being fueled by the worst elements of the American Taliban and right wing money machine, want the House GOP caucus to write its own privatization bill by next month and force the Senate to act.

Hastert wants to remain Speaker. He has to worry about how many members of his caucus will survive next year's election if the GOP continues its lemmings-like march to the cliffs in ignoring real issues like jobs and gas prices, to focus instead on right wing pet causes like Terri Schiavo, an American Taliban jihad against GOP judges, and now Social Security privatization. Hastert apparently also has some new fuel in the form of an internal report from GOP consultant and pollster David Winston, who argues that the GOP must turn away from Social Security and back towards voters' real concerns.

It's interesting that a GOP pollster is telling Hastert in essence that Bush has bungled Social Security so bad that it is as politically toxic as the other right wing poison pills. Yet Hastert will not be able to win a battle like this against DeLay, Rove, and the American Taliban, so he will watch his caucus head for their demise while Tom the Terminator takes his buddies over the cliff with him.

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