Tuesday :: May 3, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

The investigation into the appropriateness of John Bolton to become the US ambassador to the UN is going hot and heavy this week. One of the more astonishing stories on the chutzpah of Bush who has made this nomination a true power struggle was reported in the LA Times this weekend. As Laura Rozen summarized it, Bolton was so untrustworthy that Powell and Armitage had to have a fulltime minder on Bolton and Rice has personally called Senate Republicans to say Bolton would be carefully "scripted" at the UN and that if "he goes off the reservation, he's out". The Washington Note has been suggesting other more competent, honest and yet tough Republicans who could fill the position if Bush could just let go of his obsession. Would that we could have a President that didn't insist on doing the wrong thing for our country just because he can't back down gracefully.

Here's an open thread for today.

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