Tuesday :: May 3, 2005

If GOP And Independent Voters Are Abandoning Bush On Social Security, Should Pelosi and Reid Be Close Behind?

by Steve

Two new developments on Social Security from our original posting on it yesterday. First, remember yesterday's CNN/USAT/Gallup Poll that was done after Bush's press conference? Gallup found that Bush’s press conference and his touting of a variation of the Pozen progressive price-indexing scheme for Social Security didn’t go over well with voters. In fact, Gallup’s poll registered their lowest approval numbers for Bush on Social Security after his press conference, and found that Bush’s specific ideas of cutting benefits and not raising the withholding ceiling were the opposite of what poll respondents said they would support.

Want to know the worst thing about those poor results for Bush? They came from a poll that had a sample comprised of the following party ID:

Republicans 33.8%
Independents 34.5%
Democrats 30.9%

In other words, Bush is losing the independents and now even his own party on the issue.

E. J. Dionne says what many of us have been thinking since seeing Bush’s “plan” last Thursday night, and then seeing Tom DeLay ready to push ahead with a far right version of that plan by June: it’s time for the Democrats to leave the bargaining table on Social Security and let the GOP sink in its own nuttery. If you know that Democrats won’t even get a chance to really negotiate anything, and if whatever you do get to negotiate will just be torn up and made even worse at the end by DeLay before it goes to the White House, then give up any pretense of bipartisanship now, and let the GOP make the issue a purely GOP exercise in screwing the middle and lower classes and hang them for it when the final disgusting bill comes out.

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