Thursday :: May 5, 2005

Fun in Sun Diego

by Duckman GR

I know many think of San Diego as that sleepy little Navy town, conservative, laid back, kinda vanilla. Not so, my friends. Why, we’re downright cosmopolitan, right down to the scandals.

As some may have noted, there’s this Mayoral thing going on, on two levels. 3 levels.

First there was the election, still being disputed in the courts, all because of that unimpregnated bubble. Then there was the Strong Mayor Proposal, intended for Mayor Murphy to strong arm development and business as usual, which, in the hands of a environmental, open government, responsible development, pro people Donna Frye was the stuff of nightmares for the Downtown Developers. And then, thirdly, the worlds worst Mayor up and quits because, well, he never really wanted that job anyway.

Quit at the urging of the same people that talked him into running for a second term against his previously expressed desires. Quit, like, 4 months later.

"When I ran for re-election, I had hoped my second term would be as productive as the first," Murphy said. "But that now seems unlikely."
Not only is he the worst Mayor in all of Earths 8 thousand (?), he vies for the best piece of understatement ever in recorded history.

So Dick quit, we’ll have a special election to fill the bill, Donna has said she’s in. Former Police Chief Jerry Sanders, who brought respectability to United Way and Red Cross chapters after much administrative excesses will also run, doubtless at the behest of the downtown boys. In the meantime, the Deputy Mayor will hold the chair. His trial started Tuesday, btw.


Oh, he and a couple of City Councilmen have been indicted on Federal chicanery charges regarding no touchey laws at the strip joints.

I have no opinion as yet on these matters except to marvel how the Justice Department can spend so much effing time on a conspiracy to relax no touch laws at strip clubs, and they spent lots of time on it, and money, (see here starting at “Bugged City”) but they refuse to look into the abuse of Homeland Security to track down errant Texas Democrats, an abuse which could have endangered millions of Americans, or their failure to locate Eric Rudolph, a real, live, Domestic Terrorist, who besides bombing all them foreigners at the Olympics, in order to embarass the US, preferred bombing abortion clinics. No, they couldn’t find that prick for how many years, but they could spend millions on 3 Democratic City Councilmen and strip club laws.

And then, there’s the pension fund problem. Business Week has a nice roundup. Murphy may have been the worst Mayor in recorded history, according to time mag, but his predecessor, susan golding, ranks as the worst Mayor in all the galaxy, making Marion Berry’s drug problems pale in her sheer subservience to getting rolled by Big Downtown Money.

To re-cap recent history a bit, last October, after much prodding and much obvious dissatisfaction amongst the electorate, Donna Frye entered the Mayoral race as a write-in candidate. It took her about 3 hours to get the needed 200 signatures, 4000 actually, to sign up, she won the popular vote but fell victim to our bolggered electoral system.

These same issues keep cropping up regarding our elections, issues we truly need to address. That same Equal Protection Clause that was twisted in Gore v. bush needs addressing. And while we do that we might want to look at Section 4 as well:

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

It’s the intent of the voter that matters, not the bureaucracy of how it’s done. When you sign your credit card receipt at the Store, does it invalidate it if you sign on the back of it, off the dotted line, or with an “x”? No, you’re still stuck with the Thigh Master like it or not. At any rate, The Man who Didn’t Want the Job earned the brass ring.

And what a brass ring it is, replete with the aforementioned pension scandals, sex scandals, and, best of all, a renegade (to them) elected City Attorney, Mike Aguirre, who, get this, thinks the public is his boss and, even more incredible, expects politicians to follow the law.

“In his first two months in office Aguirre has: locked horns with council members in public session over releasing information to the press and public, … raided city hall (in true Elliot Ness fashion – all he needs now is a fire ax to whack down those doors of obstruction) to recover and turn over to the Feds subpoenaed documents that had been sat on, sought to investigate conflicts of interest on the Pension fund board, released a far more comprehensive plan to deal with the pension problem than have the Mayor, Manager or Council, and announced his determination to reshape the City Attorney’s office to be an advocate of the public interest and not just a mouthpiece for city officials.

Oh my.

Mr. Aguirre has given me no end of entertainment these last few months, as he has steadfastedly and doggedly forced the City Government to face it’s fears and it’s budget problems. It’s been truly amazing to see a former gadfly put so many republican entrenched money politicians on their ears, and I can only hope that he can inspire others in other places to do the same. A public servant serving the public? What a concept.

Mike's a Democrat, and so is Donna. Big surprise there.

Democrats like them, and Eliot Spitzer, and Phil Angelides, and Barbara Boxer, are in it for the long run. Big Money is in it for the next quarter results. republicans are in it for the power. Who would you want to be with, as a decent human being with friends and family, children, nieces and nephews?

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