Thursday :: May 5, 2005

Boycott ABC

by Steve

Sure, lots of people love "Desperate Housewives", but when ABC becomes a hypocritical tool of the American Taliban, maybe it's time that Democrats, progressive members of the faith community, and those concerned about the far right takeover of our supposedly public-airwaves media initiated a boycott of a major network and those who advertise on them.

Last year, ABC rejected airing commercials from the United Church of Christ because, as they said at the time, they didn't accept ads from religious groups. Now, with the American Taliban on the warpath, Michael Eisner's Disney-owned ABC is suddenly OK with running commercials from the definitely religious and Talibanesque Focus on the Family.

At some point, corporate TV types need to know that significant swaths of folks are willing to turn off the TV when a network is so hypocritical and in bed with the American Taliban. And their advertisers need to know it too.

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