Thursday :: May 5, 2005

Blair Gets The "Bloody Nose", Hangs On To Parliament, But With A Sharply Reduced Majority

by Steve

Well, at least in Great Britain, there is a political price to be paid for lying to your countrymen in order to get into a war. The early exit polls are coming in, and it looks like Tony Blair's Labor Party will retain control of the government, but by a much smaller majority in Parliament. Blair's party went into the elections with a 161 seat lead in the House of Commons, but is expected to now come out of the election with only a 66-seat lead, effectively giving the more rebellious members of his party and the Liberal Democrats more clout. The Conservative Party made gains as well, but not enough to wrest control from Blair. But Michael Howard, while not convincing voters that the Conservatives would do better than Labor on the economy, managed to drag down Labor's share of seats by running directly at Tony Blair's credibility over the Iraq war.

Gee, is there a message in this for the Democrats?

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