Thursday :: May 5, 2005

Fighting back on "moral" values

by eriposte

Joe at Americablog and Roger Ailes (no not that one, the other one) comment on the latest "family values" Republican who was, unsurprisingly, revealed to be challenged on family values.

As Joe notes:

In today's update to this sordid story about the 64 year old Congressman, Don Sherwood, we learn a lesson in family values. You will recall that Sherwood, the married GOP member of Congress from PA, was involved in an incident last fall with a 29 year old woman who claims they were lovers. She said he tried to choke her, he said it was a back rub. No charges were filed.

However, we learn from the Times Leader why marriage is important to this stalwart GOPer:

The woman, Cynthia Ore of Rockville, Md., says Sherwood has been her lover since 1999.

“When I met him he told me he was getting a divorce,” Ore has said.

Last week, the Times Leader exclusively reported her story about calling 911. She said she made the call on Sept. 15 after Sherwood “choked her for no apparent reason” while giving her a back rub at his apartment on D Street, according to a police report.

“He never did get a divorce,” Ore has said. “He said he has to stay married to get elected." [eRiposte emphasis]

Roger humorously highlights how Sherwood gets super-high ratings from the "family values" groups that form part of the GOP base and Sherwood's support for the "Marriage Protection Act of 2004".

I'm bringing this up not to highlight the Grand Hypocrisy Party. I'm writing to ask why the Left seems to have no imagination in using these hypocritical scammers to win elections? The Democratic Party doesn't have to get involved, I'm just talking about a 401-type organization that can easily do this.

Why isn't there a single national organization on the Left whose sole purpose is to expose right-wing hypocrisy and target such hypocrisy in every election? For example, why isn't there a group called, say, "Coalition for the Real Preservation of Families" whose sole job, day and night, is to (a) document the reported hypocrisies of those in Congress who support politically targeted junk or discriminatory legislation relating to private/personal issues like marriage and (b) advertise it day and night in their districts or states?

Why isn't there a group that circulates the following statement, requiring every legislator in every state and in Washington, D. C., who supports such legislation, to sign it under oath?

  • STATEMENT for such legislators to sign: "I swear that I have never cheated on my spouse, and that I am not currently cheating on my spouse. I also attest under oath that I have never been gay and that I am not gay."

Any supporter of discriminatory or moralizing legislation on strictly personal matters (including the folks who run the numerous Radical Right groups) should be targeted for sworn signatures and those who don't sign should be prominently publicized. Anyone up to the task?

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