Saturday :: May 7, 2005

Now It's Barbara Bush's Turn To Have Fun At W's Expense

by Steve

This should make for some fun mealtime conversation in Crawford:

Bush and Clinton, in part because they have worked so closely on fund-raising efforts, have forged a close friendship in recent months, prompting some humor from former first lady Barbara Bush when she introduced the former presidents.
"It's my great honor to introduce America's favorite new couple," she said. "Everyone is talking about the 'odd couple,' George and Bill or, as I now call him, Son."

That's actually pretty funny. Coming on the heels of W being the butt of Laura's jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner last Saturday night, it hasn't been a good week for W's self-esteem, has it? First, your wife makes fun of your manhood in front of the enemy, and now your mom jokingly calls the man you dissed as a moral degenerate "son."

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