Tuesday :: May 10, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

The passing of a remarkable American happened last week. Col David Hackworth finally surrendered to cancer after living his life doing his utmost to stand up for American soldiers. He was a man who never stopped speaking truth to power and his site, Soldiers for the Truth provided a forum where even the lowliest soldier could speak his mind. As a true leader, he knew that his obligation was to the people he led and not the reverse. And making sure they had what they needed to do their job was his first responsibility, and not the last. Our soldiers would be much better off if their civilian leadership remembered that instead of cheating the soldiers of pay while funnelling billions to corrupt industries and dishonoring the troops by refusing to be accountable for the "untidy" acts their immoral memos and edicts sponsored. R.I.P. Col. Hackworth.

Your turn now.

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