Wednesday :: May 11, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Senator Chafee must have found a dead horse's head in his bed because he's supporting Bolton and cutting SS benefits these days. Check out this headline for more about what's happening with Chafee: Channel 12 polls shows Chafee weak, say foes. Certainly looks like the act of a weak man to cave to Bush on these two fronts so abjectly.

If you want to see why the stakes are so high, read some of the comments about why Bolton is so important to Bush in this post at The Washington Note by a fellow called Dan.

...John Bolton will be the next UN Ambassador-- if he does not clear the FRC, he will be recess appointed at the next opportunity. If he clears the FRC and the votes are not there to confirm him on the floor, Frist simply will not bring it up and he will still be recess appointed. Only the impending debate over the "nuclear option" kept that from happening over the break. The White House is all in. If the Dems put more chips in, Bush does not care one iota. For him, victory is Bolton at the UN, confirmed or not, period. It did not start out this way-- the UN was not what Bolton wanted, and was not viewed as any great prize award to him by the WH. But, once opposition surfaced, Bush figured he could win, and by his terms he will.

...The WH was totally blindsided by the intensity of the opposition. They attribute it to "outside" groups, i.e., Soros, etc., and overall "obstructionist" strategy of the "diehard left" that they feel is in control of the Democratic party. Bush sees this as totally good vs. evil. Where Steve goes wrong is attributing the hard core attitude to Cheney. No doubt, Cheney was Bolton's Godfather, but once the fight started, he became Bush's boy. I am just reporting the news.

This is Bush's baby all the way. He is using the Bolton nomination to show the Senate he has them under his control. And weak links like Chafee are proving him right. He is making the Senate his own personal harem.

What are your thoughts on this and other things?

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