Wednesday :: May 11, 2005

DC Court Of Appeal Sides With Cheney On Energy Task Force Lawsuit Case

by Steve

Yes, Dick Cheney won his case on the Enron/Energy Task Force disclosure lawsuit in front of the District of Columbia District Court of Appeals yesterday. In an unusual unanimous 8-0 ruling that included Carter, Reagan, Bush I-II, and Clinton-appointed judges, the DC court of appeals found that the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch failed to show that nongovernmental officials and lobbyists were involved in the writing the Bush energy policy. As a result, the court dismissed the lawsuit for failing to show why the Executive Branch didnít act within its authority to seek confidential input while it itself drafted the policy.

Both the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch are evaluating whether or not they will appeal to the Bush-Reagan Supreme Court. Observers have noted that the one startling assertion that all 8 bipartisan judges made in their decision is that they accepted on faith what the Bush Administration said about the non-involvement of industry in the drafting of the policy, without giving plaintiffs the opportunity to cross-examine or challenge the Bush Administrationís claims.

The imperial presidency has been fully established in the DC Court of Appeal and of course in the Bush/Reagan Supreme Court. Too bad they didnít feel this way in the 1990ís.

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