Thursday :: May 12, 2005

A Question Of Balance

by pessimist

As of the moment I write this, Senator George Voinovich is playing hard-to-get. His recent statements are so coy that no one is quite sure just where he's standing.

Is he for Bolton?

Voinovich to Vote for 'Bullying' Bolton
(05-12) 08:31 PDT

Republican Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio agreed on Thursday to let the contentious nomination of John Bolton as United Nations ambassador go to the full Senate for a vote. Voinovich said he would vote for a resolution to send the nomination to the floor without a recommendation of approval or rejection.

"That being said, Mr. Chairman, I am not so arrogant to think that I should impose my judgment and perspective of the U.S. position in the world community on the rest of my colleagues," he added. "We owe it to the president to give Mr. Bolton an up or down vote on the floor."

Or is he not?

Voinovich Says He Won't Back Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to UN
May 12

Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio said he won't support John Bolton's nomination to be U.S. ambassador the United Nations when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes today. Voinovich urged that Lugar send the nomination to the full Senate without recommendations.

We all have our opinions as to where he SHOULD be on this issue. Where do you think he IS?

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