Thursday :: May 12, 2005

Days After Bush Leaves Town All Smiles, Putin Fingers GOP Front Group For Spying

by Steve

Just days after Vladimir Putin made nice publicly with Bush after talk that he was unhappy with Bush’s pot-stirring in the former Soviet republics, Putin waited until Bush left the continent to send a cold war-era shot across the administration’s bow today. In a throwback to a different era, the Kremlin today charged that American nongovernmental organizations, including one prominent front group for the conservative GOP foreign policy establishment, was actively spying against the Russians and fomenting instability within the former republics.

The GOP front group, the allegedly nonpartisan International Republican Institute, is actually a taxpayer funded pro-oil industry and pro-defense industry playground for the GOP right wing Reagan-era foreign policy types. The IRI has a track record of stirring up insurrections against regimes in power for the purpose of putting in place pliant cabals that will let Corporate America plunder them, with the IRI’s latest failure being its role in toppling Haiti’s elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide in 2003, and leaving that country far worse off than it was before.

The IRI cut its teeth in the 1980’s fomenting right wing militias in Latin America under the Reagan Administration, and claims such right wing luminaries as Otto Reich and Jeanne Kirkpatrick. They have their hands dirty not only in the Haitian debacle, but were also the instrument that the Bush Administration used in its failed coup against Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, and are actively involved throughout the world in inserting themselves into areas where oil and new defense contracts can be obtained under the facade of democracy and party-building.

And now Pooty-Poot has busted the neocons’ little game days after George left town.

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