Thursday :: May 12, 2005

Voinovich's Statement about John Bolton

by Mary

Courtesy of, here is a link to the full Voinovich statement about John Bolton today. It is a staggering repudiation of Bolton.

Any moderate Republican that decides to vote for Bolton on the floor should have some real soul searching to do about whether he or she is doing their job in representing the American people after hearing this. How would they explain voting for Bolton when a Republican Senator asks this question:

When discussing all these concerns with Secretary Rice, John Boltonís propensity to get off message, his lack of interpersonal skills, his tendency to abuse others who disagree with him, I was informed by the secretary of state that she understood all these things and in spite of them still feels that John Bolton is the best choice and that she would be in frequent communication with him and he would be closely supervised. My private thought at the time, and I should have expressed it to her, is: Why in the world would you want to send somebody up to the U.N. that has to be supervised?

This battle is not over yet.

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