Friday :: May 13, 2005

Difficulties In Iraq And Elsewhere Pile Up

by Steve

Things are heading downhill for us now in Afghanistan and in the whole Muslim world as it learns from a Newsweek piece this week that as an interrogation technique used by our rocket-scientist military intelligence staff at Guantanamo Bay, they would tear out pages of the Koran and flush them down the toilet in front of Islamic detainees. As a result, demonstrations against America have increased and turned deadly in Afghanistan, with our toady Hamid Karzai saying all the wrong things in dismissing the furor and the rage of the protesters. And you know it is bad when the Saudis are pissed off now about it as well.

But at lease the Syrians have figured out a way to prevent a US attack: hire a Friend of Bush. Syria apparently feels that the best way for it to deal effectively with Washington is to improve its image through a high-powered PR consultant. So who did Syria turn to for help with its image in Washington? Why, Joe Albaugh, George W. Bush’s long-time friend and political assistant. See, it only takes a multi-million dollar PR contract with a Friend of Bush to prevent an invasion of your country.

And whatever happened to the joys of being liberated? The health and safety of everday Iraqis and specifically their children has suffered under the US occupation, according to the UN. And Fallujah residents are still waiting six months later for the US to rebuild the city after a post-election citywide destruction at the hand of US forces. Iraqi citizens across the country are seething at the US inability to improve security.

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