Friday :: May 13, 2005

Wal-Mart's Bad Week Ends With Bush Reimposing Tariffs On Chinese Clothing

by Steve

Boy, Wal-Mart isnít having a good time lately. Their earnings fell short of analystsí forecasts, and the morale in the company apparently sucks because they arenít used to not having things go their way.

And now the Bush Administration waited until the Friday 5:00 PM news dump to announce that it was reimposing steep tarriffs on three categories of Chinese clothing imports, which means Wal-Martís primary supply just got more costly. This comes a day after the Chinese tagged the Bush Adminstration for being the roadblock to bringing the North Koreans back to the negotiating table.

I'm sure the Chinese will be very willing to help Bush with North Korea now, huh?

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