Sunday :: May 15, 2005

Operation Matador Seems Like Operation Bull All Right

by Steve

Read this story in tomorrow's Daily Telegraph in Great Britain, and you may come away with some of the same questions I have:

1. Why were the insurgents as well-equipped as our soldiers?

2. Why did the insurgents have late-model Russian equipment (hello Syria, Iran or Putin himself)?

3. Why did our military intelligence fail again? We initiated a major operation with a grand name (Operation Matador) provocatively on the border with Syria, on the assumption that we would find hundreds of insurgents and even Zarqawi. According to the quote from our own officer at the end of the piece, our forces didn't find anything near the numbers they were expecting. Meanwhile, the bombings ratcheted up elsewhere in the country.

Even the Post is running a story in Monday's paper which confirms that the insurgents the Pentagon was expecting to confront with Operation Matador never materialized. Worse yet, even though we sent hundreds of troops westward to the Syrian border to confront and root out the insurgents from the suspected area, we couldn't enter the lawless border town where the locals told us the insurgents might be holed up. Why?

Because we didn't have enough troops to take the town.

Marines said many of the foreign fighters fled west into Syria or to Husaybah, a lawless Iraqi border town where foreign fighters and local tribesmen have battled each other this month for control, shooting it out in the streets with AK-47s and mortars, American officials say. But the Marines lack the manpower to go into Husaybah.

If the Marines didn't have the manpower to go into the town, then why did they get sent there in the first place?

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