Monday :: May 16, 2005

Pentagon Concluded That Recent Afghan Violence Wasn't Due To Newsweek Story

by Steve

I hate to break up a good media lynching, but those liberals Condi Rice and General Richard Myers are spoiling Drudge and Fox News' party.

Air Force General Richard Myers told reporters at the Pentagon May 12 that he has been told that the Jalalabad, Afghanistan, rioting was related more to the ongoing political reconciliation process in Afghanistan than anything else.
According to initial (emphasis mine) reports, the situation in Jalalabad began on May 10 with peaceful student protests reacting to a report in Newsweek magazine that U.S. military interrogators questioning Muslim detainees at the Guantanamo detention center “had placed Quran s on toilets, and in at least one case flushed a holy book.” By the following day the protests in the city had turned violent with reports of several individuals killed, dozens wounded, and widespread looting of government, diplomatic and nongovernmental assets.
However, Myers said an after-action report provided by U.S. Army Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry, commander of the Combined Forces in Afghanistan, indicated that the political violence was not, in fact, connected to the magazine report.

So why does Condi’s State Department hate America so? Didn't they get the memo that it was all Newsweek's fault and it was imperative to get the British memo story off of the front pages?

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