Monday :: May 16, 2005

"Lawmakers Want to Delay Meat Labeling"

by Duckman GR

"Lawmakers Want to Delay Meat Labeling"

That's the headline of an AP article today.

The article goes on to say, [l]abels telling consumers where their meat comes from must be in place beginning next year, but lawmakers took action Monday that could delay the labels for months.

House members writing a farm spending bill voted to postpone country-of-origin labeling for meat, which is supposed to go into effect in September 2006.

Not "lawmakers" or "House members" but Republican "lawmakers" or Republican "House members." But that's not how the AP writes it, it's the whole friggin Congress.

And that highlights one of the problems that the Democrats have, labeling. As others have noted, Congressional approval numbers aren't all that great, but because the Democrats aren't differentiated they get lumped into the same stew.

Look at the difference between the two parties in this one article on yet another Republican give away to industry. Says henry bonilla, gopper from TX,

"It would be a nightmare to implement for producers across the country," Bonilla said. "It would also expose retailers to a tremendous amount of liability."

Says Rosa DeLauro, Democrat from CT,

"Country-of-origin labeling would give people the information they need to make an informed choice to protect the safety of their families,"

Protect Industry or Protect Family. Pretty much says it all here. The press inaccuracies and sloppiness and lazyness leads to reporting that fails to inform, fails to report the truth, fails to fulfill its vital role in our society.

I'm know eriposte mentioned this a time or two, I just wanted to pile on. And to point out how it's not a matter of fairness or balance, it's a matter of accuracy. Which, given Newsweek's senseless and pathetic mewling mea stupida seems appropo today.

The headline is wrong. It should read "Republican Lawmakers Want to Delay Meat Labeling." One party wants to delay things, the other seemingly does not. The Republicans want this because they're in power and the meat industry is paying them to do this. In my book it's called bribery, in theirs it's just "lobbying" but somehow when money is involved the difference between one and the other tends to blur. And it's all the Republicans. In another time it was the Democrats, but now it's the GOP, not the Democrats.

I wish they would report it that way.

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