Tuesday :: May 17, 2005

White House And Condi's Lies About Newsweek Story

by Steve

The Bush Administration whining about Newsweek doing damage to America’s image overseas because it allegedly used only a single noncredible source for its story is laughable, given that it was George W. Bush and the rest of his administration that itself used “Curveball” as the single unverified source for several WMD claims to lead us into the Iraq war. And that damaged us in the Muslim world, didn't it? Oh, and over 1600 Americans have died as a result of that crime as well.

Condi now says that it was appalling that Newsweek’s story got out there in the first place, given that it was wrong. Really? Then why did your own department say on Friday May 12 that the riots weren’t a result of the Newsweek story? Oh, and the Defense Department didn't challenge the story Condi when they had the chance to; they only weighed in ten days after the story was published when Rove saw a political advantage to "Ratherize" Newsweek. Condi, you are a pathetic liar headed for the Hague.

Better yet, according to Scott McClellan back in July 2003, Bush wasn’t responsible for putting out unsubstantiated claims about Iraq’s WMDs as the basis for going to war. So if Bush wasn’t responsible for going with faulty information from a single unreliable source, then why is the White House demanding a level of accountability from Newsweek that it refuses to apply to itself?

Desecration of the Koran did occur, no matter how many times Condi or the White House lie about it.

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