Tuesday :: May 17, 2005

Keith Olbermann And John Conyers Smack Down White House For Hypocrisy On Newsweek

by Steve

Read Keith Olbermann's smackdown of White House Liar Scott McClellan, and be glad that this man still has a show. Keith's right: in essence McClellan and Rove now have said that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Richard Myers was a liar when the Pentagon cleared Newsweek for responsiblity for the riots.

So now Rove has challenged Myers' credibility, while at the same time professionally damaging the right wing's favorite investigative reporter Mike "Spikey" Isikoff by stomping on a story after passing on a chance to deny it before it went out. How long will it be before either the military brass or Isikoff do some damage of their own?

And Democratic Representative John Conyers has written a letter to Scott McClellan taking him to task for his hypocritical attacks againts Newsweek yesterday.

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