Tuesday :: May 17, 2005


by eriposte

As George Galloway wiped the floor with Norm McCarthy Coleman (Senate, and Hardball with Tweety, videos at One Good Move; transcript here), a well-versed disciple of George McCarthy Nixon Bush (via Kevin Drum's link and via Andrew Sullivan) - La Shawn Barber - says (bold text is my emphasis):

Let me clear up one thing. Whether Americans flushed the Koran down the toilet is irrelevant. Newsweek should not have reported it, even if true. It’s common sense, people. Those journalists knew how Muslims would react! Why would you hurt your own country and risk more deaths just to report this “fact?” To what end???

America-hating morons media! 

[NOTE: To his credit - and I never thought I'd ever say this - on this occasion, Sullivan has taken the moral and patriotic position on the media's reporting of Abu Ghraib and the multiple alleged Koran desecration incidents and Sullivan links to La Shawn Barber in a manner that indicates he clearly disagrees with Barber. He also features a letter showing Instapundit for what he really is. (UPDATE: For "fairness and balance" read the posts on Sully and Instahack that Atrios has.)]

What is my point of reproducing the above Barber quote, you ask? Well, I said earlier that sloppy reporting is inexcusable and Bob Somerby's and Eric Alterman's posts today further enforce that -- so Newsweek's apology is certainly in order. But it is also true that there are many independent reports of Koran-desecration (among other things) which don't depend on Newsweek's story - as summarized in excellent fashion by Martin Longman and Susan Hu at Daily Kos. We also know that McClellan and DiRita have been shown to be cynical liars - by Steve and Digby (among others). In totality, that makes Barber's statements quite important.

It is important because it reinforces the simple principle that Bill Moyers noted, that the radical Right's biggest fear is the truth - because it will show them for who they really are. Indeed, unlike the Colemans or Bushes of the world, progressives don't need to smear their opponents to paint them as un-American. Progressives don't need to smear their opponents as being against the American Constitution (and free speech). All we need to do is just document and disseminate what our opponents actually say or do, because if we did that, our opponents will paint themselves in their true colors.

In a nutshell, we need to turn McCarthyism on its head and take America back from the McCarthyites.

The question is this. Who's systematically documenting this history today (in one place) for all to see, so that America can see the real nature of these so-called "patriots" (at least the most prominent ones in Government, in the media, and in the blogosphere)? If no one is, may I suggest that it might be one of the most fruitful projects of your lifetime. After all, history will show these people for who they really are - the utter embarassments that they are/were to America. You have the opportunity to make it a lot easier for Americans and future generations to see the history and the "characters" you "encountered" in your lifetime. Use it.

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